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Do’s and Don’ts, when Renting a Vacation Villa in Mexico!


luxury vacation rental agent in Mexico

Vacation villa rentals in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and the Riviera Maya, mexico.

You have made up your mind to step off the beaten track on your next vacation, send away all-inclusive, get the real local taste experience, and rent your own villa for your getaway to Mexico.  Congratulations! What’s next? Internet is full of scary scam stories of naive tourists and you definitely don’t want to be the next one. Where should you start your search to hunt an affordable yet spectacular vacation villa in Mexico? There are hundreds of places online where you can rent your dream vacation holiday home in an easy and enjoyable way, but how to choose the best one?

Although Craigslist seems like a solution for everything, it may not be the most trustworthy option while renting an alternative to staying at a hotel.

1.Use reliable and well known company.  Something that may seem pretty obvious, use reliable and well known companies like Villa Experience Mexico for booking your vacation villa in Mexican beach destinations. It is much safer than dealing directly with the owners, when there is no 3rd party involved. Online platforms where the owners can list their properties offer a higher level of security, especially the ones that guarantee secure payment methods directly through their page.

2.Never ever send money via unsecured means of payment. Avoid depositing or wiring to private bank accounts; these services cannot be tracked down and leave you vulnerable in case of scams. Use PayPal accounts or pay directly through a website with your credit card.

3.Make personal contact with the owner. Give him some phone calls, ask for extra pictures, floor plans or videos of the property and ask about any details you are interested in.  Check if the property has any reviews from previous renters, they can be more informative than any other description. If it is possible contact the renters, too. Sometimes, the reviews may be fake, too. Make sure they are not short or impersonal, and they include details about the property, location and the owner.

4.Check if there are any other fees included, not to get surprised at the end of your stay, such as maid service, utilities, etc. Some owners add final cleaning costs, so check if you are not going to get charged for this. Make sure you have everything clear before you pay for your Mexico vacation villa.

5.And last but not least, trust your instincts. If the offer seems too good to be true, you don’t feel comfortable about the owner, the reviews seem to be written by the same person, or some pictures do not correspond with the description, don’t rent it. Don’t get lured by the luxury oozing from the pictures, the infinity pool or tropical garden and use your common sense. There are so many real spectacular vacation villas in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta or the Riviera Maya, to name just the most important vacation destinations in Mexico. Its not worth spending your money on the one you are not so sure about, is definitely not worth the risk.
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2 Responses to "Do’s and Don’ts, when Renting a Vacation Villa in Mexico!"

  1. cblacosta says:

    These are all great tips. You should always rent from a reliable well know company. That is key! Some well known local companies do promote on craigslist so don’t be scared to look on there. Just make sure that the company who posted the ad has a good reputation.

    • Ryan says:

      Yes, that is right. reliable company also make ads too. Keep search more company’s info, review before you play the order.