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Since Three Minor Communications between mainland China and Taiwan was opened in 1st Feb,2001, ferry between Xiamen and Kinmen has been operated everyday for 10 years. It makes people from Kinmen or Taiwan to visit mainland China more convenient and time-saving.It has become one of the most important transportation between Taiwan and mainland China. More and more Chinese travelers visit Kinmen by ferry from Xiamen. Many Taiwan businessmen also choose this ferry to visit mainland China. Backpackers or young people who have low budget also would like to take this ferry to visit Taiwan from Xiamen via Kinmen.

So far, you can take ferry to Kinmen from Wutong Pier in Xiamen.  It is closed to Xiamen airport and Xiamen Exhibition center.There are also ferry available between Quanzhou and Kinmen which is operated 3 times per day.Here are the ferry timetable for reference. Please check the update schedule for detail.


1. Ferry from Wutong Port of Xiamen to Shuitou Port of Kinmen

Departure 08:00 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:30 15:30 17:00
Price USD27 per ticket
Duration 40 minutes

2.Ferry from Shuitou Port of Kinmen to Wutong Port of Xiamen

Departure 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:30 13:00 14:00 16:00 17:00 17:30
Price USD27 per ticket
Duration 40 minutes

5.Ferry Between Quanzhou(Shijing Port) and Kinmen

Quanzhou to Kinmen Kinmen to Quanzhou
08:30-09:30 09:50-10:50
11:30-12:30 13:10-14:10
14:30-15:30 16:20-17:20

Updated Xiamen-Kinmen Ferry Schedule


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9 thoughts on “Buy Xiamen – Kinmen Ferry Ticket

  1. he no booking in advance of ferry tickets from xiamen to Kinmen is only during cny or normal time? May i know your mini three ticket from xiamen to kinmen to Taiwan, which city is it for the 50mins flight time. Or maybe you can recommend the nearest city. Thank you

  2. Hello,

    Can we book tickets for the ferry Xiamen – Kinmen in advance?
    Are there ferries during Chinese New Year?
    Thank you!

    • Thank you for your comment.There will be ferries available during CNY.But I am sorry it is unable to book Xiamen-Kinmen Ferry ticket in advance. Only can buy on spot.



  3. Dear Ryan.
    Please advise if it is still allowed for foreigners to take this ferry from Xiamen to Kinmen, it seems only watching boat is available. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ken,

      Yes, there are boats from Xiamen to Kinmen everyday. You have to take the ferry from Wudong Port(五通码头) which is no far away from Xiamen Airport.

      • Dear Ryan

        Many thanks and noted.
        So I have to go to east side to take ferry to Kinmen.

        • Yes, take the ferry at Wutong Port (五通码头),just google map it. Good luck

  4. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for visiting our website. Yes it is no problem, as long as you have the valid Taiwan Visa if required(it seems free for German passport holder),you are allowed to buy Xiamen to Taiwan ferry ticket by your passports and valid China visa.

    We provide Xiamen to Kinmen ferry ticket together with flight from Kinmen to Taipei service. If you need please kindly let me know.

    From Xiamen to Taiwan, you also can take COSCO star Cruise from Xiamen to Taichung or Keelung.check the link about ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan below:

    Hope it is useful for you.

    Best regards,


  5. Hello:

    (1) How much is the taxi fare from Xiamen’s airport to wutong port of Xiamen?

    (2) How long the trip by taxi?

    (3) Is there any hotel in Kinmen for an overnight stay?

    and how much does it cost for 2 adults?