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Sanxingdui Culture

Sanxingdui Culture Bronze Mask

Sanxingdui Culture Bronze Mask

In one evening of the spring in 1929, several farmers of Sichuan Province dug up a few pieces of jade when they were doing farming. Inadvertently, they had opened a door of human culture ever since. This is the world-shaking Sanxingdui Civilization. The site has the beautiful name of “Moon Bend”.

Situated in the area of Guanghan in Sichuan Province, Sanxingdui Culture existed almost 3000 to 5000 years ago. Since its first appearance in 1929, dozens of excavation has been done. During this period, numerous bronze wares, jade wares, ivory and gold wares were unearthed one after the other and drew the eyes of the world.

Standing Bronze Figure

Standing Bronze Figure

Among the unearthed relics, the bronze masks caught most people’s eyes. The largest one of the vertical-eyed masks is 65cm high and 138cm wide.Its most surprising part is the eyeballs, which are extremely exaggerated, bulging forward to 16cm. Furthermore, it has a huge hooknose, a big mouth with mouth corners lifted upward to the ear root,and a couple of ears like that of pig. This is the first bronze mask with such an unearthly appearance among all the unearthed relics in the world. There was also a 2.6-meter-tall standing man sculpture. Besides, six bronze trees were taken out at the same time. The height of one destroyed tree of them is almost four meters, which is now the highest bronze ware unearthed in the world.

The craft-work of Sanxingdui Culture also reached a surprising height. The bell and spigot joint technique was used in the joint of trunk and branches of the bronze tree. The joint point still couldn’t be pulled out after thousands of years. The claws of birds were stick onto the limbs with some plaster-like material of unknown composition, which was firmer than solder. There was a curving tube smelted onto the back of some bronze man-face masks. How did the bronze smelting technique come into being 5000 to 3000 years ago? This puzzles most people today since the history of the smelting technique is less than one hundred years.

All of the unearthed Sanxingdui cultural relics are so exquisite that the internationally distinguished archaeologist, Karlburg, says, ” As for the exquisiteness, Sanxingdui cluture is above any one of its contemporary culture around the world.”


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