A Visit to Nanjing Hakka Round House–Tulou

Hakka Round House, also well known as Tulou,  is the special living building made by Hakka people in Fujian,China. Most of the Hakka Round House are located in Nanjing, Hua’an, Yongding county, Fujian, which are around 2 to 3 hours driving from Xiamen.The Hakka Round house building group in Nanjing County is the nearlist one from Xiamen.


Round Hakka House — Huaiyuanlou(怀远楼)



Located just southwest of Xiamen, Nanjing Hakka House building group is not just famous for the huge round house, but the unique hakka house in square named Heguilou (和贵楼) as well. Different from other Hakka house, Heguilou house is a square building with 5 floors which makes it the highest Hakka house in the world. What is more, the Heguilou Hakka house is sited on the marshland.

Hakka House--Heguilou

Square Hakka House — Heguilou(和贵楼)



The Round House is complete with kitchen room, warehouse, living room. Normally, the first floor is not for living, but a place for livestock or for kitchen room. The Second floor is used as warehouse stocking grain-stuff. From the third floor, all the rooms are for living activity.

Three storeys round house

Three storeys round house

Wooden Stair in Round House

Wooden Stair in Round House

One of the shortage of the Hakka house is that it is lack of the toilet inside the house. That is why you can see people brush the chamber pot in the morning.

Farm tools inside round house

Farm tools inside round house

How to Get there:

1. Rent a van from Xiamen (recommend)

As every round house cluster is far away from each other , it is better to rent a van from Xiamen which is flexible for you to visit the round house cluster spotting in different place.

2.Join Hakka Roundhouse day tour  from Xiamen

3. Bus to there

There are also bus to Nanjing from Xiamen Wucun bus station(opposite to Xiamen Railway station),but you need to transfer bus or rent motorbike to reach the scenic spot.

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3 Inquires of “A Visit to Nanjing Hakka Round House–Tulou

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in arranging a tour guide for a one day visit to the Hakka Tulou’s around Xiamen.

    The date is tomorrow, Saturday, July 4th.

    I will be driving my own vehicle from Meizhou, so we need a tour guide only. The plan is to start from Chuxi mid-morning, and end in Xiamen.

    I would need a guide who can assist with finding the Tulou’s, suggesting itinerary, etc. The guide should be good with children, as we have 4 year old son. Chinese-speaking only is fine; we all speak Mandarin.

    I would love to find out if this is something that you can arrange, and if so, what the price would be.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Schwartz

  2. Is there a bus from Xiamen to Nanjing Hakka Round house?

  3. The hakka tulou was built as self contained houses complete with food storage, praying room, courtyard for meetings, kitchen, and washing. The walls are constructed with bricks and concrete, have no window and only one door so that enemies cannot easily attack them.