Buy Combined Ticket Online for Attractions in Gulangyu

This is a booklet of admission tickets to 5 must-see tourist attractions in Gulangyu Island. You’ll save USD4 compared to combined regular box office prices and save time with easy access at these attractions.Skip the ticket line and head straight for the entrance.


USD19  (including 5% Paypal fee)

Five must-see attractions (total original price USD23=RMB135) including:

  1. Camel Rock-日光岩(original price: RMB60)
  2. Shuzhuang Garden( including Piano Museum)-淑庄花园 ( original price:RMB30)
  3. Hoayue Garden (Zheng Chenggong Statue)-皓月园 (original price:RMB15)
  4. Gulangyu Organ Museum(the Eight Diagrams Tower)-风琴博物馆( original price:RMB20)
  5. International Engraving Museum-国际刻字馆(original price:RMB10)

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How to Get Ticket

You can get your paper ticket from the ticket office of Gulangyu Scenic Area  at the lobby of Xiamen International Cruise Terminal with your 6-Digit Booking Code (we will email the code to you when your booking is confirmed).

Open Hour: 7:45~14:00

Address in Chinese: 鼓浪屿游览区售票处-邮轮码头电子门票取票窗口

Place to get Gulangyu combined e ticket

Place to get Gulangyu combined e ticket

Locations of these 5 attractions in Gulangyu Island


Locations of 5 must-see attractions

Gulangyu Camel Rock

Gulangyu Camel Rock (open hours: 7:00~20:30)

Gulangyu Shuzhuang Garden

Gulangyu Shuzhuang Garden (open hours: 7:30-17:30)

Gulangyu Haoyue Park

Gulangyu Haoyue Park (open hours: 7:30~21:30)

Gulangyu Organ Museum (Eight Diagrams Tower)

Gulangyu Organ Museum (Eight Diagrams Tower) (open  hours:8:30~18:30)



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One Inquiry of “Buy Combined Ticket Online for Attractions in Gulangyu

  1. Is it possible to prepay for 3 adults on the electric shuttle at Gulangyu on Dec 26? Where can I get those tickets if I can’t prepay or book those shuttle tickets? I will be arriving at Xiamen on a cruise ship & have bought ferry tickets to Gulangyu.

    Thanks for your help!