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Cosco Star ferry is a passenger and cargo liner that runs between Xiamen China, Taichung and Keelung Taipei regularly. It is one of the economical way to travel between China and Taiwan. It is also the best choice for those who need a low cost outbound ticket for China visa application.Check the ferry availability and book ticket online instantly now.

Ferry Availability & Book Now (updated 9th Mar, 2017)

  1. Ferry Available till 2nd July,2017

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Note: Price do not include port cleaning fee. Please prepare either RMB30 or NTD246 each ticket when collecting your tickets.

1. Ferry Schedule

**.1. Tuesday : Ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan (Taichung)

Depart Xiamen Arrive Taichung
18:00 every Tuesday 8:30 Wednesday

**.2. Wednesday: Ferry from Taichung to Xiamen

Depart Taichung Arrive Xiamen
21:00 every Wednesday 8:30 Thursday

**.3. Thursday: Ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan (Keelung,Taipei):

Depart Xiamen Arrive Keelung
18:00 every Thursday 8:30 Friday

**.4. Sunday: Ferry from Keelung,Taipei to Xiamen

Depart Keelung Arrive Xiamen
19:00 every Sunday 9:00 Monday

2.Rooms and Price (excluding 4.5% Paypal handling fees)

Room Type Max No. of Persons / Room No. of Rooms Original Price Offer(USD)
Presidential Suite 2pax 1 USD1140 USD638 per room
VIP Room 2pax 1 USD863 USD427 per room
Deluxe A (twin beds) 2pax 10 USD670 USD370 per room
Deluxe A (a double bed) 2pax 2 USD670
Deluxe B(private bathroom) 4pax 2 USD173 USD128 per bed
6pax 18 USD173
Deluxe C(public bathroom) 2pax 2 USD173 USD115 per bed
4pax 3 USD173
Standard A 4pax 30 USD150 USD103 per bed
Standard B 6pax 30 USD150
8pax 8 USD150
10pax 2 USD150
Child policy:

  • under 2 years old : free
  • 2~12 years old: 50% of original price
  • above 12 years old: as adults

Ticket Changes:

  • One chance with USD5 fee pet ticket before 48 hrs

Cancellation Policy:

  • 7 days before: 20% cancel fee;
  • 3~7 days: 30% cancel fee;
  • 1~3 days:50% cancel fee;
  • within 24 hours: 100% cancel fee;

3.Passengers’ Information required (EACH PASSENGER)






4.Documents required for check-in

**valid China visa

**Taiwan visa if needed ( it is free to most of visitors from Europe and America)

5. Get Ticket

Please get your paper ticket with your valid document  from cosco star ticket office at each port in time.

(1).Xiamen address(before 16:30): Right side of Block C at Xiamen Dongdu International Cruise Terminal Center


(2).Taichung address(before 19:00):  B19 Customer Service Center Taichung Port

台中港取票点柜台:台中港:B19客運碼頭 – 台中縣梧棲鎮中二路一段9號

(3).Keelung address(before 17:00): Second floor of Customer Service Center at Pier 3 of West Keelung Port

基隆港取票点柜台:基隆港:西3碼頭  – 基隆市港西街16號

(4). Damaiyu Address(before 16:00): Port for ferry to Taiwan at Damaiyu, Yuhuan county.



Cosco Star Ticket Sample

6. COSCO Star Fact:






Cosco Star Ferry Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite

Cosco Star cruise vip suite

VIP suite


Deluxe Room A Double Bed

Deluxe  A with a Double Bed

Deluxe Room A Single Bed

Deluxe  A  with twin Beds

Deluxe Room C

Deluxe Room C

Standard Room

Standard Room

7.Facilities on Cosco Star Ferry











See what our clients say about our ferry ticket booking service

Amazing Service

I booked very easily a Ferry ticket from Xiamen to Taiwan. Because of a misunderstanding ,my train to Xiamen was delayted for 12 hours. The team of Amoytrip located my delayted train and trying to find antoher possibility for me to make it in time to ferry, and all this at 7 am in the morning! I felt kind of lost, because on the train nobody could speak english. They support until the time of my journey to Taiwan. I didnt make to ferry , but they got me a ferry-flight to Taiwan day later in the morning. Thank you Ryan for so much support! You did a great job!



Immediate service

Ticketing is so quick and informative. Thanks!

I could buy ferry ticket smoothly.

I could not buy ticket on-line so I e-mailed AmoyTrip, Ryan replied me soon and I could buy the ticket. Thank you.

Taizhong to Xiamen Ferry

Good experience. To improve: You could explain on your website more clearly how to go to the ferry terminal. I didn\’t know we had to pay an extra 246 TB once there – and I was out of cash.

Daveline Sophie Hunziker

excellent experience

This was good quality all the way. When i first signed up i had a problem with my paypal. The ferry people were patient with me while i got my finances in order. When i got to xiamen i found detailed maps on the website, which helped me get to the ferry and check in, although it would be helpful to know that check in doesn’t start until about 3. Once on the ferry the crew was courteous and professional. It was a very steady ride. No sea sickness and no rocking about. And the bed was pretty comfortable. I was offered a complimentary breakfast, and we arrived at the port on time. Then I noticed, a day later, that i had left my necklace on the bed in my bunk. I emailed Ryan at the ferry company, who directed me to a person who could help me. I think his name was Mr. Lee. They found my necklace, and I returned to the ferry terminal, and was given my necklace back! I am absolutely blown away by the great service i got.

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97 Inquires of “Book Ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan or Vice Versa

  1. Hello,

    I would like to book a ticket (108 USD standard room) for a ferry from Taizhong (Taichung) to Xiamen on 27th of July.2016. I am currently staying in Kaohsiung. How can I make this booking?

  2. What is the baggage limit for Keelung to Xiamen passengers? I have 2 or 3 very big heavy bags is that ok since it’s a ship not an airplane?

    Also I noticed the only train to Shanghai with sleeper bed option leaves Xiamen train station at 10:09am. If I arrive Xiamen at 9am will I have enough time to get off the ship, clear customs, take a taxi to 5 miles to Xiamen train station and catch train K1210 departure 10:09 am for Shanghai?

  3. Good day
    we would like to travel from Taichung City, Taiwan per ferry to Xiamen China on the 3rd of August.
    Will Cosco Star cruise be sailing on that day? And if so, when can we make the booking?

  4. Dear Sir / Madam ,

    I am Indian citizen in procedure for applying China & Taiwan visa & would like to travel from XIAMEN to KEELUNG on Thursday 14th April 2016 & will return back from KEELUNG to XIAMEN on Sunday 17th April 2016.

    I have following queries as per below
    1) Planning to book with 108 USD ticket option. Is this price is for single journey or return journey ? What services are provided with 108 USD Ticket like food etc..?

    2) By chance if I cancel the Ticket , Should i get refund ? What is the refund procedure ?

    Awaiting for your feedback

    Dhirajbhai Vankar: +91-9824413500

  5. 31st march2016
    6 senior citizens
    1 age 73
    2 age 67
    1 age 64
    2 age 63

  6. I am a foreign student in Fuzhou with a valid 3 years Chinese visa/ residence permit. Do I need to get a Taiwan visa? And how much does the ferry ticket from Xiamen to Taiwan cost?

  7. Hello,

    I’d like to travel from Keelung to Xiamen on Wed. March 30th, with my wife and our 6 year old child.

    How do I book a child ticket? Does the child get a bed if I book Deluxe Room B? Is there a particular room type that would best for the 3 of us, with privacy?

  8. Hello,

    I plan to take the ferry from Keeung to Xiamen on a Sunday this December.
    As I would like to be flexible with my plans, I am wondering whether it is possible to book the ferry on the same day of departure right at the port. Would that be possible?
    And in case this is possible, is the ferry are there usually places free on the ferry or is it rather overbooked?

    Kind Regards

  9. Hello,

    where is the ferry port in xiamen, is it in China or Taiwan (kinmen)?

    I’m in China and only have single entry visa, so when I go to visit kinmen can I then take this ferry to Taiwan?

    Thank you

    • Hi Gabriel,
      Cosco Star is a overnight ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan island directly ( Taichung port and Keelung port, Taipei). It departs from Xiamen International Cruise Terminal (Xiamen, China).

      There is also daily ferry between Xiamen Wutong Port and Kinmen Shuitour Port. If you visit Kinmen, you are unable to take Cosco Star. from Kinmen to Taiwan island, you only can take flight.

  10. I am not sure, but there are no more boat on friday? (I checked every month)

    • Dear Veronique,

      Greeting from AmoyTrip. Thank you so much for your message.

      There is boat available on Friday. But it is from Keelung to Damaiyu Island (a place in Zhejiang Province, China) instead of Xiamen. We also can book the ticket for you if you are interested in this route.



  11. I like to book a ferry ticket from Xiamen to Taichung on Tuesday 8th. December 2015. I understand the price for a Standard A bed is US$103.00. Please advise me on how to do so. Thanks. Lim

    • Dear Lim,

      Greeting from AmoyTrip. Thank you so much for your inquiry. and one of our travel experts has replied to you via email, please check.



  12. hello i am interested in taking the keelung to xiamen ferry for the week of august 20th or the following sunday can you give me more details, i am a US citizen trvelling to work in Xiamen.

    • Dear Steven,

      Greeting from AmoyTrip. Thank you so much for visiting our website and your interest in our Taiwan Xiamen ferry booking service. One of our travel experts has replied to you via email, please check.

      1. Schedule

      From Keelung to Xiamen, the ferry departs at 7pm on SUNDAY and will arrive in Xiamen at 8:30 the next morning. according to your request, you can take the ferry on 23rd August Sunday. ( note: 20th(Thursday) is for route Xiamen to Keelung).

      2. Documents required
      To visit China from Taiwan, you need Passport with valid China visa

      3. Price (excluding 5% paypal fee)
      Standar Room: USD103 per bunk
      Deluxe C Room: USD115 per bunk
      Deluxe B Room: USD128 per bunk
      Deluxe A Room: USD370 per room
      VIP Room: USD427 per room
      Presidential Room: USD638 per room

      4. Booking

      For booking, please kindly share us your information as below:
      1.Full name
      2.Passport number
      3.Date of birth

      Best regards,

      AmoyTrip Team

  13. Hi i was wondering which ferries should i get to leave from taiwan and arriving in china. What would be the cost of this , duration of the ferry and is it open to foreigners or only locals ?

    • Dear Clyde,

      Thank you so much for visiting our website and your interest in our service.

      The Cosco Star ferry runs directly between Taiwan and China weekly. schedule is as below:

      1.Tue: Xiamen to Taichung
      2. Wed:Taichung to Xiamen
      3.Thurs: Xiamen to Keelung, Taipei
      4.Fri: Keelung to Damaiyu(Taizhou)
      5,Sat: Damaiyu(Taizhou) to Keelung,
      6. Sun: Keelung to Xiamen.

      The duration is around 13hours,and just overnight on the ferry and arrive at 8:30 next day.

      Price is from USD103 per berth. And it is open to all passengers holding with valid documents from all over the world. To visit China, Most of foreigners need China visa.

      Best regards,

      AmoyTrip Team

  14. I would like to travel by the 2nd of Aug. Fr Keelung to Xiamen with 3 adults and one child of 10 yrs old at the deluxe B room with private bathroom, Please contact me asap for ticketing …thank you !

    • Dear Shun,

      Thank you so much for your inquiry of ferry Keelung to Xiamen. One of our travel experts has replied to your via email, please check.



  15. Waning to travel from Taiwan to Xiamen, China, between August 17, 2015 and August 20,2015, one adult,round trip, one day only, less than 24 hours.

    I am an American with “No issued Chinese Visa.” Do I still need one if all I want to do is travel across the Taiwan Straight to Xiamen for a tourist visit? I have a valid USA Passport.

    I depart Taiwan on August 23, 2015 back to USA.

    What are my options? What currency is required if I can reserve this trip?

    Please respond in English to my email address as soon as possible.Thanks!

    • Dear Lee,

      Thank you so much for your inquiry of ferry between Xiamen and Taiwan. One of our travel expert has replied to you via email. Please kindly check.


      AmoyTrip Team

  16. Hello,

    I would like to travel to keelung from xiamen on 9th july 2015. now i’m in xiamen. Where can I buy the ticket


    • Dear Pp,

      I am sorry to tell you that COSCO STAR ferry stops running this week from 7th to 12th July due to the incoming typhoon.

      Best regards,

      AmoyTrip Team

  17. Hello, I am single female from Singapore and will leave Taipei on Sunday 11 October 2015. I prefer the Deluxe C Room, public bathroom for 2 pax only. Please advise the final rate per room and availability and how many pieces of lugguage is allowed on board? As I do not have a PalPay Account, can I remit through UNION PAY instead.

    Thank you and best regards

  18. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Wish to know what are the baggage policy for each passenger that travel with Cosco ?

    • Dear Luis,

      Greeting from AmoyTrip. Thank you so much for your inquiry.

      There is not limited weight on baggages. You can take as much as you can. You even can take a bike with you for free.


      AmoyTrip Team

  19. Hello,
    I’m British and I’d like to reserve a ticket Xiamen-Taichung for 25 August. I am applying now for my China visa and need an outbound ticket. If I pay now by Paypal, would you be able to send me a reservation by email straight away?

    • Dear Rosemary,

      Greeting from AmoyTrip. Thank you very much for your message.

      Yes, after you make the payment via Paypal successfully, we will email you ticket information including ticket number, departure city, departure time, room number etc. which can use for China visa application. We have done this for many foreigners who need the outbound ticket for China visa application.

      Kindly let me know if you still have any questions.

      Best regards,

      AmoyTrip Team

  20. hello,
    I would like to book the ferry from xiamen to keelung on the 25.6.15. Im traveling by myself and i would like to have the most standart and cheap singel bed. Thank you very much, yotam.

  21. I would like to take the Cosco ferry on Sunday evening, March 31, from Keelung to Xiamen. I would like a Deluxe B room, if possible. I am traveling alone, and I will be flying into Taoyuan that day.

  22. Hello,

    one questions, I am going from Shanghai. Is it possible to take the ferry with a bicycle> how much is it the fee?
    thank you in advance

  23. Hi,
    I don’t know the exact date, yet. Approximately the 17th April, I wish to get a ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan. One person in a standard room.
    Can I book the ticket and pay cash a couple of days before?

    • Dear Colin,

      Thank you very much for you inquiry. Ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan only run on Tuesday to Taichung and Thursday to Keelung, Taipei. So it is available on 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd, 28th and 30th for the next few weeks in April.

      Please kindly let me know when the exact date is confirmed. And I will check the ticket availability for you.

      About the payment,We do not accept cash. Except for Paypal, we also accept Alipay or Bank Transfer if you are in China.

  24. One Deluxe Room A (double bed) Xiamen to Taichung for 9th June,2015

  25. Booked 3 deluxe room B for 28 April,2015 from Xiamen to Taichung online.

  26. Booked and paid one standard room ticket for 31st March 2015 online

  27. Booked and Paid one Deluxe Room (Twin beds) for 21 April,2015 Xiamen to Taichung online.

  28. Hi,

    I’m currently in Quanzhou and need to go to Taiwan. As I understand there are only ferries to Taiwan on tuesday and thursday. I’d like to know how to book it, cause with CNY I fear that all tickets will be sold out…

    Thanks for replying


  29. I would like to travel on Tuesday 17/03 from Xiamen to Taiwan
    Is there a ferry ?
    I am travelling alone , is there a 1 person bedroom ?
    What is the price ?

    Danny Gillis

  30. I’m traveling alone (1 person)) to take the boat from Xiamen Port to go to Keelung Taiwan on January 22, at 18:00.

  31. Do you have day light journey to Taichung(Taiwan) from Xi amen china. for 2 persons.?How much per person without bed? How to look for more details about time and what day?Please reply me back to email.

  32. I live in Xiamen and my friend is from Taiwan. Is it possible for me to board the ferry here and he in Taiwan, and for us to spend 24 hours on the ferry together and then for me to get off in Xiamen again and for him to get off in Taiwan? He never actually enters China and I never enter Taiwan? Sorry about the confusion but I would really appreciate an answer! Thank you!

  33. Is deluxe room a double bed in usd 370 for two person ? Thanks

    • Hi Surjeet,

      Yes, the Deluxe Room A with double bed in USD370 is a maximum of two people. And two persons info are required.

  34. Hello,

    Can we book tickets for the ferry Xiamen – Kinmen in advance?
    Are there ferries during Chinese New Year?
    Thank you!

  35. Dear Sir/Madame,

    There will be ferries from Xiamen to Taiwan during the Spring Festival’s days? I mean from February 18th to March 1st? Thank you very much

    • Dear Nunzio,

      Thank you very much for your inquiry. Right now there is no ferries schedule from 18 February to 23 March,2015. The last ferry before CNY is on 17th Feb from Xiamen to Taichung. And the first ferry after CNY is on 24th March from Xiamen to Taichung.

      If there is any update, We will let you know as soon as possible

      Thank you.

  36. I would like to travel from Keelung to Xiamen Tomorrow Sunday 4 January 2015. Do you have any 1-pax or 2-pax cabin still available ? I shall travel alone and would like to have a cabin alone.
    I have a visa for China already.
    Thank U in advance

  37. Dear Sirs,

    I would like to book for one person:
    Sunday 4 th of December 2014 from Xiamen to Keelung,
    Standart A or B.

    Please let me know if available and if ferry departs on this date, and what would be the price for one person.

    Thanks and best regards.

    • Dear Cosco ferrys,

      I plan to catch a ferry from Taichung to Xiamen on wednesday of the 4th of feburary 2015.
      The ticket is for one adult , one way.
      A standard A orB room would be fine.
      Yours faithfully, gary wheeldon.

      I plan to catch a I plan to catch the ferry from Taichung

  38. Dear Sirs,
    I would like to book for one person:
    Sunday 4 th of january 2015 from Keelung to Xiamen ,
    Deluxe B or C.

    Please let me know if available and if ferry departs on this date, and what would be the price for one person.

    Thanks and best regards.

  39. Hi, I want to take the xiamen to taichung ferry on December 2nd. Just one person, and I’m after the cheapest bed! Is it correct that I could turn up as late as 3pm on the 2nd to collect the ticket?

  40. I want to book three tickets on promotional class from Xiamen to Keelung as I guess it is near to Taipei , if I book for Nov13 and return on Nov16, is there any price discount on roundtrip.


  41. Hello. Are the prices posted here for one way or round trip? Thanks.

  42. Hi,, I would like to know if it is possible to go from xiamen to keelung, on the 5th of november.
    2 persons in a standard room.
    how much would it be.
    how can i make a reservation?
    thank you

    • Hi Christiane,

      It is Wednesday on 5th of November, No ferry from Xiamen to Keelung on Wednesday. Ferry from Xiamen to Keelung is only available on Thursday.

      • Love the pictures! We are pnnianlg to visit China within the next to years so I’m going to love your posts. My husband has been to Beijing a couple times for work, but I haven’t been able to go with him yet. The food definitely looks amazing, even if it only tasted ok. 🙂

  43. Hello

    I am interested in booking a ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan this week. I am an Ireland passport holder who is currently residing in China. I am just one person on the trip I am hoping to go on October 1st to spend my Labour Day holiday there. Therefore, I will spend roughly five days there and I will then return to the mainland. Please let me know if this is possible and know of the scheldule and booking procedure.

    I look forward to hearing back from you


    • Hi, Cillan, According to the updated schedule, The ferry departs from Xiamen on every Tuesdays and Thursdays. and return to Xiamen on every Wednesdays and Sundays.Duirng China National Day Holidays, you can depart at 2 Oct (Thursday) from Xiamen to Keelung, and return from Keelung to Xiamen on Sunday 5 Oct.

      • These pictures are folubaus and help us re-live the special moment(s). What a fantastic time that we had. Everything worked out so well. The weather, all your planning, the ceremony the reception ..the memories.All we can say is thank you and the absolute best wishes for you two.Emmett & Brenda

    • Hello Ryan

      Thank you for that. Would I able to reserve my ticket for October 2nd and if I arrive in Xiamen by October 1st would I still be able to buy it?

      Also I was just wondering if I was to leave on the 2nd would I arrive in Keelung on the 2nd or on the 3rd?



  44. hi Ryan

    I am looking for some information about the cosco star ferry, I am moving a theatre show from Hong Kong to Kaohsiung. my question is does the ferry carry road freight trucks or only cars ? also is there a custom inspection for trucks on entry to Taiwan and does the ferry depart Xiamen at 6pm on Monday and travel directly to Kaohsiung ?
    any information you can give me would be a great help.



    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your comment. the ferry departs Xiamen at 6pm on Monday and travel directly to Kaohsiung port. For cargo business, please call 0592-5629799/2616730 for more information. Sorry I am not familiar with the cargo business.

    • Hi Jim,

      Sorry,According to the new Schedule for winter season, the ferry will not head for Kaohsiung on Monday, Instead, it will departs from Xiamen to Taichung on Tuesdays.

  45. Hello,

    I am interested in taking the ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan on Monday October 20th, 2014.

    I am a US Passport holder. I will likely be traveling alone. I would love to try your promotion on the Tatami style room. I do some travel writing, so this could be quite an adventure to write about!

    I have a multiple entry business Z visa for PRC. I do not think that I need a visa for Taiwan – please confirm.

    I will not have much time to stay in Taiwan. I will need to catch a flight to Xi’an PRC. Can you tell me how far it is from the ferry ports in Taiwan that you service to an airport where I can catch a flight to Xi’an PRC.

    Any other details that you could provide would be helpful.

    Thank you,
    Dr Edna Williams

    • Hi Williams,

      Thanks for your comment. It is visa-free for US passport holder to visit Taiwan.

      According to your information, Can I guess your purpose to visit Taiwan is because your China visa will expire soon and you need to leave China and enter again?

  46. Hi,

    I would like to book two tickets from Xiamen to Kaohsiung for Monday, September 15. The ferry departs at 18:00, correct?

    We are two passengers, one male and one female. Would like to be together in a standard room. Many thanks!

    (I may not be able to check email again before we arrive, so I hope that we can book tickets at the ferry building.)

    • Hi Sam,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I am sorry , I am unable to make the reservation for you now, as I need your personal information for the booking.
      Hope you can buy the ticket at ferry building.

      Good luck!

  47. hi. i want to know is there have a ferry sailing between xiamen and okinawa japan. tks

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry, there is no ferry from Xiamen to Japan.

  48. Hi Ryan, this is Yuan, I have now sent the Paypal funds for the Xiamen->Taiwan ferry for tmw (Thurs 10) – can you please confirm the tickets? thank you, Yuan

  49. hey ryan,

    i’m currently in tw and looking to do a visa run to xiamen.. could u provide me with details on the cost of a round trip from keelung to xiamen for one passenger.. i’m basically just looking for the lowest cost room available.. dates are flexible but i’m thinking 8/19-8/23.. thanks!!

  50. Hello, I would like to book a single bed for the ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan, leaving this Monday 7th July. Is it possible to book a bed in an all-female Standard A room? Many thanks, Yuan

  51. any requirement for children? 5 yrs and 7 yrs old only about 110cm tall. Can they share bed with adult? Schedule the same for July 2014?

    • Hi, Lynn,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Ticket for children from 2 to 12 years old is half price, plus fuel cost RMB40 per person.


  52. hi

    i am looking to book two tickets for the ferry from Xiamen China to Keelung Taiwan on May 29 2014.
    can you help me arrange the booking of this ferry service?

    thank you, Sam Maloney-Lee.

  53. Hi,
    I would like to go from Xiamen to Khaoshiung. Does this ferry still run as it is now 2014

    • Dear Rehan,

      Thanks for your comment. But it seems no scheduled ferry between Taiwan and hong kong. Sometimes there are luxury cruises departing Hong Kong that will call at Kaohsiung port.

  54. Hi,

    We are in a group of four travelling from malaysia. We wanted to go Khaosiung from xiamen, any online ticket booking system is available?

    Kindly provide us with more information about the ticket booking, accomodation option, price and payment method.


    • Hi May,

      There is not ship from Khaosiung to Xiamen, Cruise only depart from Keelung or Taichung to Xiamen.If you need my help kindly let me know.


      • Hi Ryan,

        Thanks for your prompt reply. I wanted to know about xiamen to Khaosiung, is it available?

        i have tried to e-mail to this adress, “[email protected]” which is invalid.

        Can you please advise any agent for ticket reservation from xiamen to kaoshiung.


        • Hi May,

          there is ferry from Xiamen to Khaosiung every monday departing at 18:00.

          I can help you buying the tickets.


  55. Hello , I arrived to Taiwan now and am interested to travel to China by ferry.
    I already have Chinese visa in my passport.
    What is the ABC step for me to board cheapest ferry and how much is it?

  56. Hi,
    I would like to travel from Kaohsiung or Taichung to Xiamen how can I buy the ticket if I’m in Poland now? And what’s more important to be able to enter Taiwan I need an actual ticket that ensures that I will leave Taiwan within 90 days or so, and i would like this ferry ticket to be an assurance of me leaving Taiwan, so is it possible to get the ticket (not only the reservation number?) via email or somehow online?
    Thanks for your response

  57. Hi,
    Is this just a. Foot ferry or is it a car ferry too? If it is just a foot ferry are there any car ferries available?

  58. how do i book a ticket from xiamen to taiwan? which number/website?

    • Hi Derek,

      Thanks for your comment. Currently it is unable to book ferry ticket from Amoy to Taiwan online. You have to go to the ticket counter in Xiamen International Cruise Terminal to buy the ticket. I can book the tickets for you.



  59. After tickets for the Ferry to Taichung leaving 1 November 2011, 2 travellers.

    We are currently in Shanghai could you please provide us further information on how this is organised and the latest we need to book?