How to Take Xiamen to Hong Kong Bullet Train and Vice Versa

Though there is no direct train from Xiamen to Hong Kong, The open of Xiamen – Shenzhen High Speed Train route on 28th December,2012  is sharply shorten the distance between Xiamen and Hong Kong. People can travel between these two popular travel destinations in short time with very low expense.The Second Class train ticket price from Xiamen North to Shenzhen North  is only 151RMB, plus the city bus and metro tickets  expense from shenzhen north to Hong Kong, you can run between these two cities within 200RMB(appropriately 34USD) Here is the guide how to take the high speed train from Xiamen to Hong Kong and vice versa.

Step One: Book Xiamen North to Shenzhen North high speed train online and get paper ticket from railway station

Travelers including foreign passengers now are both able to book China train tickets on official booking website by their ID card number or passport number with full name. The big problem for foreign passengers is the payment online, as the official website only support China banks card or Alipay (equivalent to Paypal in China). You also can inquire our China train ticket booking service for help.

Once you book the ticket successfully, you can get the tickets from any rail tickets agents or Railway Station office in advance.


Xiamen Wucun Long Distance Bus Station

Step Two: Take Express or public buses from Xiamen city center to Xiamen North Station

Xiamen North Station is located at the north of Jimei District which is about 30km away from Xiamen city center islet. To be convenient for passengers, there are direct express bus and public bus available between Wucun Bus Station (梧村汽车站,city center) and Xiamen North Station.

1. North Station Express(北站快线)

This a non-stop express bus running bewteen Wucun Bus Station and Xiamen North Station. it is about 50 minutes in total, price is 20RMB (3.5USD). The are express available departing from Xiamen North from 9:00 to 20:00. If departing from Wucun Bus Station, expresses are only available from 9:00 to 18:00. , Both the express buses leave at hourly intervals

2. Public Bus(普通公交)

There are also public buses 957, 953,949,950 running between Xiamen North Station and city center. Price is extremely cheap(3rmb). However, it will take longer time than Express bus, as the public buses will stops at  8 stations at least on the way.

Wucun Bus Station Address: NO. 925, Xiahe Road, Siming District

Xiamen North Station

Xiamen North Station

Step Three:  Board High-speed train to Shenzhen North
(schedules for reference,for the accurate schedules please check official website)

Schedule of High Speed Train from Xiamen North to Shenzhen North
Train No. Departure Arrival Time 1st Class Price 2nd Class Price
D2333 09:00 12:40 3hrs 40min.



D2311 09:32 13:32 4hrs
D2295 09:50 13:48 3hrs 58min.
D2297 10:28 14:20 3hrs 52min.
D2301 10:54 14:28 3hrs 34min.
D2303 11:53 15:40 3hrs 47min.
D2321 13:04 16:49 3hrs 45min.
D2317 14:53 18:35 3hrs 42min.
D2305 15:49 19:34 3hrs 45min.
D2289 17:54 21:45 3hrs 51min
D2281 18:15 22:01 3hrs 46min.
D2283 19:08 23:01 3hrs 53min.
Schedule of High Speed Train from Shenzhen North to Xiamen North
Train No. Departure Arrival Time 1st Class Price 2nd Class Price
D2286 09:55 13:52 3hrs 57min



D2316 10:20 14:18 3hrs 58min
D2288 10:45 14:24 3hrs 39min.
D2292 12:00 15:46 3hrs 46min.
D2322 13:00 16:53 3hrs 53min.
D2304 14:55 18:42 3hrs 47min.
D2296 15:20 19:17 3hrs 57min.
D2306 16:00 19:57 3hrs 57min.
D2298 16:40 20:26 3hrs 46min.
D2314 17:10 20:51 3hrs 41min
D2320 18:55 22:41 3hrs 46min.

Step Four: Take Metro Line 4 (Longhua Line) from Shenzhen North to Futian Checkpoint

More details of metro line 4 please check the Longhua line  metro official website

Step Five: Take East Rail Line from Lok Ma Chua Station to Hong Kong City Center

Once you pass the Futian Checkpoint, you can take metro from Lok Ma Chua Station to anywhere in Hong Kong. More Hong Kong metro information please check Hong Kong Metro website.

Futian Checkpoint

Futian Checkpoint


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