Kinmen Scooter Rental

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USD38 per day (24 hours,including 5% Paypal fees).

Including: airport/ferry pick-up and transfer to our store airport/ferry transfer from our store when you return the scooter.

3. electric scooter with helmet

4. Full power for electric scooter


1.petrol fee for petrol scooter

About Kinmen Scooter Rental

Scooters are very convenient and fun way to see the sights of Kinmen. Each scooter can take one or two people,it is very suitable for solo traveler or lovers to explore Kinmen at their own space. We will provide the best Kinmen scooter rental service for you.

Please note that travelers need a driving license to drive a scooter in Kinmen, It can be a license from any country apart from Mainland China as there are not honored in Kinmen. And travelers holding international driving license can only rent electric scooter.only travelers holding Taiwan driving license can rent petrol scooter.

Kinmen Scooter Rental

Kinmen Scooter Rental

Kinmen Scooter Rental Service

Kinmen Scooter Rental Service

Scooter Models:

Kinmen Scooter Rental - KYMCO 125, 125cc

KYMCO 125, 125cc


Kimen motobike rental

GT125 – 125 cc

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5 Inquires of “Kinmen Scooter Rental

  1. Hi
    I am planning to travel to Kinmen tomorrow from Xiamen with my husband. will it be possible to rent a scooter. I have a british diving license.
    all the best

  2. Hello, me and a friend of mine will be taking the ferry into Kinmen Island on the morning of Ferbruary 4th. We would love to rent scooters and i was wondering if you still do free port pick ups. We both are lisenced in America, but I am not sure if that works as an international lisence.

  3. Hello, I would like to rent 2 scooters in Kinmen Island from Saturday, July 18th, 7:00 PM to Sunday 19th, 14:PM. We have international motorbike driving licence
    Where are you based? Ideally I would like to rent the scooter at Airport and bring back to Ferry on Sunday.
    Best regards

    • Dear Charis,

      Thanks so much for for your inquiry. One of our travel experts just replied to your via email, please check.

      Best regards,

      AmoyTrip Team