excellent experience

This was good quality all the way. When i first signed up i had a problem with my paypal. The ferry people were patient with me while i got my finances in order. When i got to xiamen i found detailed maps on the website, which helped me get to the ferry and check in, although it would be helpful to know that check in doesn’t start until about 3. Once on the ferry the crew was courteous and professional. It was a very steady ride. No sea sickness and no rocking about. And the bed was pretty comfortable. I was offered a complimentary breakfast, and we arrived at the port on time. Then I noticed, a day later, that i had left my necklace on the bed in my bunk. I emailed Ryan at the ferry company, who directed me to a person who could help me. I think his name was Mr. Lee. They found my necklace, and I returned to the ferry terminal, and was given my necklace back! I am absolutely blown away by the great service i got.