Xiamen adds Trains and Flights for CNY


As Chinese New Year approaches on Feb 19, 2015, Xiamen will add trains and flights to cope with the incoming passenger peak.

Tickets for four temporary trains starting in Xiamen and running to Chongqing, Hankou in Hubei province, and Jingdezhen and Yunshan in Jiangxi province, will begin selling at 3:00 pm on Jan 16.

The four trains will set out from Xiamen Gaoqi Railway Station and operate from Feb 4 to 17.

After Xiamen Railway Station reopens on Feb 4, Xiamen will regain three railway stations for passenger use. Xiamen Gaoqi Station will be used for the above mentioned four routes, Xiamen North Station will be mainly used to carry long-distance bullet trains, and the restarted Xiamen Station will take over the rest of the rail transportation.

Xiamen Airlines plans to add 175 temporary flights from Feb 2 to Mar 16,2015. These will mainly be to Taiawan, Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur and ticket bookings are already being taken.

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