Xiamen Beach Helicopter Tour

Take helicopter to enjoy a bird’s eye view of  beautiful Xiamen Golden Coast.

Be picked up from you hotel and transferred to Xia-jin Bay Helicopter airport in Xiamen to enjoy the 15-minute unique helicopter tour. You will take off from Xia-jin Bay Helicopter Airport, and then fly along Xiamen east coast which you will enjoy the stunning landscape of Xiamen International Exhibition Center,Yefengzhai Beach, Taiqinggong Temple, Pearl Bay, Hulishan Fortress, Xiamen University, Nanputuo Temple and Gulangyu Islet. Then retrace the way to Xia-jin Bay Helicopter airport. End of your impressive Xiamen beach helicopter tour.

1. Open Time: 09:00-11:30; 14:30-17:30 (20-minute interval)
2.Duration: 15 minutes (42km)
3.Model:Bell 407 or Bell 429 or EC135
4. Two persons minimum charge per flight

Price: from USD370 per person





Captains with Helicopter

Interior of Bell-407

Interior of Bell-407


Xia-jin Bay Helicopter Airport


Note for tour:

1.people who would like to take this tour should make a reservation 3 days in advance. This tour will be delayed because of the bad weather.
2.The capacity of the helicopter is 4 persons at a time. If your group does not reach 4 persons, you can try to join with other if there are other travelers are available.
3. Each passenger will be provided insurance equivalent to 1.2 million yuan!
4. For the charter flying, we will charge as 1 hour if the flying time is less than 1 hour,if the flying time is more than 1 hour but less than 2 hours, we will charge as 2 hours.
5. Above price is for helicopter cruise only. Do not include the transfer from/to Badaling airport

Notes for boarding

1、Be sure to 40 minutes before scheduled departure time arrived at the designated airport check-in. If you can not check-in on the specified time, there may not be boarding.
2、People required to produce a valid passport or a copy.
3、Prohibited to take the inflammable article easy to explode on board.
4、Prohibited to take weapons and other dangerous items on board.
5、Camera and video to be labeled anti-flash before boarding (in case affected the pilot’s control).
6、During flight, prohibited peeled off anti-glare film for photography without permission.
7、Prohibited to take photograph in front of the helicopter strictly before boarding until the plane took off before beginning photography, and fasten your seat belts.
8、Obey the instructions of airport service personnel, prohibit do any activities outside the specified region.
9、For propeller in rotation, be careful not to close the head or tail of helicoper, boarding within the specified channel.
10、Airfoil whirling will produce strong winds, the passengers should pay attention to your hats and scarves, ladies pay attention to skirt.
11、Passengers should pay attention to your head and foot for security when boarding.
12、when boarding, service personnel will designated seats, please follow arrangements.
13、To ensure security, please fasten your seat belt immediately after boarding until the plane landing.
14、Passengers aboard the helicopter model can not be specified.
15、In the cabin of helicopter can not touch any power switch and the door handle in order to ensure flight safety.
16、After the flight, visitors can take photos in front of the helicopter, but the photos only can shoot by the airport staff.

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