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Xiamen-Taiwan Ferry-Flight Combined Ticket  is a ticket that you can take ferry from Xiamen(Amoy) WuTong Port to Kinmen(,Jinmen or Quemoy) Shuitou Port and then take flight from Quemoy to Taiwan,and vice versa .From Quemoy You can choose Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Jiayi,Tainan as your destination in Taiwan. And there are also three air carriers for your choice, one is TransAisa Airway ,Uniair Airway and Far Eastern Airway.

The shortest duration of ferry journey from Xiamen Wutong Port to Kinmen Shuitou Port is 40 minutes. Upon your arrival in Kinmen Shuitou Port, You can take the airway company’s coach to Kinmen Shangyi Airport  for free. The coach’s schedule is match with their flight’s schedule so that you do not worry the flight . This is convenient and cheap,comparing to the direct flight.

Buying Xiamen-Taiwan Ferry-Flight Combined Ticket (( well know as Mini Three Links ticket 小三通联票) is another way to reach Taiwan from Xiamen(Amoy) except for taking direct flight and overnight COSCO STAR cruise.

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RMB30and NTD100 pier cleaning fee do not include in the ticket price, you have to pay at Wutong port and Shuitou Port.

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Please get to our ticket counter C1-千正票务  at the lobby of Wutong Port at least 1 hour before the departure with your valid documents.


Where to embark the ferry in Xiamen ?

Wutong Port  is now the only port to take ferry from Xiamen to Kinmen which is close to Xiamen Airport. The duration of the ferry journey from Wutong Port is about 40 minutes. And in Quanzhou, it is  the Shijing Port.

Mini Three Links Ticket Route

Mini Three Links Ticket Route

Ferry Schedule Updated


 Foreigners(not holding Taiwan passport or PRC passport) may be unable to embark from Quanzhou Shijing Port, Please call 0595-86097861 to confirm.

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7 Inquires of “Buy Xiamen-Taiwan Ferry-Flight Combined Ticket

  1. I hope to leave Xiamen sometime between 1/15 and 1/17 to return to Taiwan.

    I am looking at the schedule and it says that there is a ferry from Xiamen Wutong port to Jinmen, and then I can fly directly into Taichung. Are there flights to Taichung everyday of the week?

    Thanks for your immediate reply.
    Jeff Smith

    • Dear Jeff,

      Thank you so much for your inquiry. One of our travel consultants has replied to your email. please check.



  2. Hi,
    I am planning to visit Taiwan via mini three links on the 26th December 2015.
    I’m travelling with my wife and 3 kids (12, 8 & 5).
    What will the price be? and
    I would like to return to Xiamen on the 2nd January 2016, can I get the return mini three links from you too?

  3. I would like to know if you have the 27th of July available from xiamen to taipei and return on 30th of July back to xiamen.
    there will be the following passengers.
    55 year chinese american ( US passport holder )
    47 year old chinese american ( US passport holder )
    17 year old chinese american ( US passport holder )
    45 year old Chinese ( PRC passport holder )

    Please email me the schedule and pricing. thank you

  4. Please advise if there are any ferrys from Taiwan to Xiamen during the day, or are they all overnight?

  5. Hi, My family of 5 (2Adults and 3Child ages 8,10,12) are planning to self drive from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and to reach Taipei Taiwan on 7th July 2015. Please advise on the scenic routes to take and related visas for passengers and custom clearance for vehicle.

    My research is to travel from Malaysia, thailand, China, by Car ferry from XiaMen port to Taichung.

  6. I want to book a ticket from Xiamen to Keelung. Do I need to transfer in Kinmen? I will bring a cart with much personal stuff. I guess it weighs about 80 kg, will there be a problem? Do I have to pay luggage fees?